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Interview with Ruma Sharma | India | Guest Model | World Fashion

©Ruma Sharma

First of all, thanks a lot for accepting our invitation for an interview.

RK : Please say something about you. About your career as model. How did you get started?

Ruma : First of all it’s a pleasure and honor for me to get featured as Guest model for Retro Kolkata. So let me introduce myself.  I am Ruma  Sharma, an Actress and Fashion Influencer.  I was born and bought up in Delhi.  I started my career as a child actress and has done many shows in Channels like 'DD National' and 'Star Gold'. Actually, It was my mom’s dream to see me on Big Screen and now I am living that dream.

RK : What was your first big break in the industry ?

Ruma : I believe that every opportunity is big for an actor. My big break is yet to come. I have my debut film and two Web Series releasing next year.  I have really done a good job in those and am sure people will notice me for my acting skills. Also, I have more Films and an International Project that I will be shooting for next year.  

©Ruma Sharma

RK : What do you enjoy most in modeling?

Ruma : It’s a fun to work with different people and get involved with their different creative ideas. I always get a chance to learn from them. I like the experimental and learning part of a shoot. 

RK : What has been your favorite shoot / campaign / work to date?

Ruma : I have always loved traveling for shoots.  Recently, I visited Bali for my Punjabi Music Video. It was my first International trip and I enjoyed a lot during the Shoot. Bali Is Damn Beautiful. It was almost like getting a paid vacation.  The only problem I faced was with the food. I'm a hardcore Vegetarian and Bali is more of a place for Non-Vegetarians. 

©Ruma Sharma

RK : How would you describe your personal style, Where do you pull your inspiration from?

Ruma : When it comes to my style, I believe in comfort and want to create my own trend.  When I am not in shooting , I love wearing Indo-Western style clothes . I feel it’s the best combination of glamour and elegance.  My Mom is my inspiration. She dresses up so well that people think that she my sister when they see us together.  My Manager Anamika S Jain is my biggest critic. Whenever she sees me making a fashion flaw, she tells me that I should take tips from my Mom. 

RK : Sometimes the modeling industry gets a bad rap with the jealousy and egos encountered between other models and agencies. Was this true for you? Have you managed to tough it out and make good friends?

Ruma : Yes that’s true to some extent. But competitors are everywhere and you can't avoid them. However,  I try my best to avoid getting into arguments and clashes. I try to maintain a friendly relationship with everyone. Attitude and behavior counts a lot. With a positive attitude and good behavior, one can handle even the worst situation gracefully.  So I even end up making some good friends. 

©Ruma Sharma

RK : What’s your beauty regime? Would you like to share some of your best beauty secrets?

Ruma : With time and  experience, I have learned that true beauty does not come from expensive clothes or perfect features, but it is in the inner core of a person.  Beauty secrets that I can advise are to have good amount of water and sleep (8-9 hrs) every day. 

RK : How do you stay in Shape?

Ruma : Well, that’s something genetic.  I don’t go to the gym and workout. But I do Yoga at home. Also I do morning walk, evening walk, and jogging .  I also love dancing and as you know it's a good exercise for the body. 

©Ruma Sharma

RK : Do you have a skin care routine? 

Ruma : Because of hectic schedules, It is difficult for me to follow a routine. But I try to pamper my skin whenever I can, either at home or at the saloon. It does not take much time to do a basic skin care regime at home, like a lemon and honey face pack.

RK : Do you have any Beauty/Skin Care tips or Tricks to look fresh and rested for early morning Photo shoot?

Ruma : I avoid having heavy food in the previous night of shoot. I like to drink a glass of warm milk before sleep.  Also, an early morning green tea always makes my mood good for early morning shoot .

©Ruma Sharma

RK : What skills according to you are necessary to be a successful model ?

Ruma : I think it is hard work, passion and positive attitude. Good behavior is a bonus quality. 

RK : What are the 5 Things you want to tell newbies before he/she become a model. 

Ruma : 1. Don’t give up, keep trying!

2. Be positive.

3. Think out of box to create your own history.

4. Have patience. 

5. Hard work is the key to success .

©Ruma Sharma

RK : If you could have one Superpower, what would you choose?

Ruma : I would like to Fly like a bird. 

RK : We (Retro Kolkata) are trying to make a bridge between National and International Art & Culture By featuring National & International personalities who already have made their own path in their respective fields and we think your story and tips might help the newcomers to build their career.  Please say something about our initiative and any special message for your followers.

Ruma : Your concept is very good. I really like and appreciate you for taking this initiative. Sharing knowledge and experience with newcomers will definitely help them out to find their own way. Keep doing good Retro Kolkata!

When It comes to my Followers, I feel blessed and emotional. I have more than 350k followers on Instagram and  they have become my family.  I receive so much love and appreciation from them. It is a great feeling.  It’s like a dream comes true, and of course there is more to go. I want to say that my fans have been my inspiration to do well in the work front and I love them a lot.

©Ruma Sharma


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