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You have to create your own style, inspiration and copying are two different words, you have to be a creator and not always be inspired by the idea of art of someone else, I see a lot of pictures which are copied by my work, it flattering for me but does nothing for the photographer, there is a difference between being creative and owning a camera, every person with a DSLR is not a photographer , vision for photography is important.




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I can be inspired by anything, everything that surrounds - nature, people, objects, the atmosphere of the moment. Most often it inspires unplanned. But to create more you need to take the initiative into your own hands and look for the muse in the works of other artists.

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From my own experience, in front of the camera, I know that you have to feel hundred percent comfortable!  I work with models as if they are my friends.  Talk, laugh, have fun!  That gives the best pictures!

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I would say, get confident with your craft first. Everyone has its own unique style, explore it. Collaborate with photographers of varying styles to have a diverse portfolio. Also at the same time don't shoot something which you aren't comfortable with.

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Conceptualizing a shoot is the most important part of a shoot. That gives us an objective of exactly what we want to achieve through the photos. Before the shoot, we make sure that the outfit, location and timing of shoot are in sync with each other. Post processing is also done according to the concept.

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