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The S&N style is an amalgamation of structural creations and exquisite drape. All our collections are consistent with a focus on always creating distinctive and powerful silhouettes with a touch of contemporary Indian embroideries that represent modern India in our creations.

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All my collections embrace the female body combining either classical or modern and asymmetrical silhouettes with my signature hand braided stripes. Apart from that I make the dresses as comfortable as possible, because one of the most important things for me is the functionality and wear comfort of the design. I want you to be able to wear them all day and dance all night without to feel uncomfortable. Everything is handmade in Germany and will be made in the customers measurements with no limitations in size.

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Von Rohmy

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I’m a free spirit with a wandering eye always looking to grasp some inspiration from this beautiful world. For me, designing is less designing and more art. I consider a woman's body as a  canvas and I love to paint on it.

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A wedding dress is a dress I am always afraid of. I don't like designing it, it makes me so stressed. But if I had a chance to design a dress for someone from the past, it would probably be Marilyn Monroe. For many years I admired her style and acting, I read lots of her biographies, so it would be a pleasure to create her wedding dress. Marilyn loved gowns, embellished with crystals that were accentuating her curves and sexiness. But I would try to show her femininity in a different way, more romantic and less provocative.

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Anusha's was never for designing the typical. We give a blessed of the opposite fashion to that of the base.  We make Indo westerns,  indo-Egyptian, western classics, etc. For example, on the pure Indian based fabric,  the detailing of pure Zardozi been done,  and surprisingly ending the outfit as a Blazer suit rather ethnic. 

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