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Work, work and work. Never be fully satisfied with your photos while but loving them. Apply simple rules: be careful to the effects that affect the quality, leave the visibility on the subject and above all, heal the framing.

Joel Sanguinetti


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Black and white photography is very suitable for creating conceptual and subject-oriented images. Because in this style the colors have lost their properties and the balance of the subject's visual weight becomes more important. Therefore, the subject and photographer's viewpoint is more obvious for the viewer. Black and white photography shows the facts better and more pure to the viewer.

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For me, doing an art work is about expressing my thoughts, my dreams, my emotions, my obsessions, my feelings, my personal experiences, and my value of life. I love to make thought provoking work, to make audience see my works with their own imagination and interpretation. A symbolic way, just like poetry.

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Mitch Miller


Try and create images that can move people. Hopefully, if what you are producing moves you, it will hopefully move others as well. 

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Jean Robert Longhi


I am always happiest when I am able to stay open to what surrounds me and obey to how I feel. To listen to music or the noise of water, the birds tweeting, the slight crisp noise of the trees, to feel the bitter coolness of winter or the warmth of the sun. To make one with the nature that surrounds me.

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