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I became a travel and landscape photographer after discovering my love for nature and the beautiful places on our planet→because I love nature, I capture it. One cannot happen without another and both happen because of each other. If as an outdoor photographer one is unable to connect with nature, they cannot have the vision for beauty which ultimately creates the results. Love, appreciation and respect for nature drives the results.

Surbhi Kaushik


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Once I drove from Pune to Kerala, just to attend the Temple Festival, and to get on the elephant. But today when I see the chained elephants, I get a different feeling. I have seen 30-40 elephants roaming freely in Jim Corbett National Park. But when I see them chained, it makes me sad. This is the biggest lesson wildlife photography taught me – it has changed my perspective! Now I am able to connect with nature and its inhabitants because of my photography. 

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Composition is the gateway to a great image. A good composition with technical expertise tells a different visual narrative & makes your image stand out from the rest. A great image should be one which touches some chord in your heart.

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