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Different Life

By Aitai Shakibafar

Aitai Shakibafar portrait 2.jpeg

Disability whether mental or physical isn't reason to be less than other people. Kindness, love and the true meaning of life can be learned from these people.  Many families don't have condition for maintaining of children with disabilities, for this reason they hospitalize elsewhere with other disabled men. Of course it is better to maintain disabled men in these places.  They can talk, walk and live to people who have problems like their own. This can be a relief to their pain.

All Images © Aitai Shakibafar

Meet The Photographer

Aitai Shakibafar portrait 2.jpeg

Aitai Shakibafar

Aitai Shakibafar is a renowned Photojournalism from Iran (Born in 1989) . She holds a Bachelor degree on Photography and Master of Photography and now she is a Lecturer in Photography at Art Universities. Aitai has been awarded several gold,silver and bronze medals at international festivals at the px3 and IPA festivals, as well as winning “fine art photography awards” and pro photo magazine . She has been holding several workshops in Iran. She has written the book “Visual Arts Basics” in Iran . She is also the Referee of International Photo Festivals. Her works have been exhibited in Canada,France,Bosnia,Los angles etc.  She is the Photographer of photo agency Sue Image.

Without any limitations of language and culture, Photojournalism begins to record events and display the inner layers of life. Photojournalism has the task of informing and transferring various ways of life, and in a particular sense of this definition, photojournalism is, in many cases, documenting harsh conditions in the surrounding area.

- Aitai Shakibafar

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