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Interview with Fashion Designer Myriam Von Rohmy, Founder of Rohmy Couture : Retro Kolkata Magazine

© Rohmy Couture
All my collections embrace the female body combining either classical or modern and asymmetrical silhouettes with my signature hand braided stripes. Apart from that I make the dresses as comfortable as possible, because one of the most important things for me is the functionality and wear comfort of the design. I want you to be able to wear them all day and dance all night without to feel uncomfortable. Everything is handmade in Germany and will be made in the customers measurements with no limitations in size.

RK : First of all thanks a lot for accepting our invitation for an interview. it’s a great pleasure to have you as our Guest. Let’s start from the first question… Let’s have a jump into the past. What was your dream since you were a kid? …what would you like to do? Myriam Von Rohmy : Thank you very much for inviting me for an interview, it´s a great pleasure! When I was a kid, I already made clothes for my dolls and loved to play in my great aunt’s sewing room, however I wanted to become an animal doctor and my favourite hobby was to breed rabbits, guinea pigs, guppies and water turtles! Another dream was to become a musician like my parents are, I play instruments since I am 3 years old. I still can´t live without music and spend my rare free time watching animal documentaries, but I decided to make fashion not music or animals my career choice at last.

RK : When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a designer? Myriam Von Rohmy : It started as a hobby: When I was a student I was in the goth scene, and as a 14 years old ‘Grufti’ I simply had no money to spend on expensive scene fashion and started to make my own fancy clothes from fabrics and vintage clothes I´ve found at flea markets. I received many compliments and requests for my dresses and when I finished school I decided to make this hobby a profession.

© Rohmy Couture

RK : What is most challenging about a career in fashion design? Myriam Von Rohmy : First of all there are only a few jobs compared to the huge number of graduates from design colleges and talented autodidacts. As an aspiring designer you are often exploited by bigger companies and need quite some perseverance to meet your target. I could tell lots of stories of myself and fellow designers going from unpaid internship to unpaid internship after their graduation. Next thing is that you are consistently facing deadlines when you have to finish a piece or a whole collection, which means you have to work all day and night including the weekends again and again. Personally I consider the biggest challenge as a self-employed designer not to act as an artist only but also to be a businesswoman. Running my own small business means that it doesn´t work without good organisation and time managment. Being creative is actually the easiest part. I have to spend lots of time with doing paper work and being up-to-date with all the laws and regulations we have in the EU and Germany. Meeting these things requires quite some time (or money to pay someone to do it for you). As essential as talent are patience, discipline and assertiveness.

© Rohmy Couture

RK : Your designs are very creative, where do you get the inspiration for your designs? Myriam Von Rohmy : I find inspiration in nature, art, fairytales and ancient places I love to visit. Some months ago I became a mother for the first time what inspired me to design a little maternity collection which will be published soon.

RK : Out of all of your designs to date, what would you consider your personal favourite and why? Myriam Von Rohmy : The first Dragonfly wedding dress of my ‘Eden’ collection as it represents my first try to create a recognizable figurative form made of ropework. It took some time to figure out how to make it not only look beautiful but also to work in motion. I was very proud once I´ve finished it and decided to make a whole collection featuring stylized animals and plants in the designs.