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Anjan Ghosh Named Iconic International Photographer & Guest Exhibitor at AURA 2024 by Retro Kolkata

Anjan Ghosh Named Iconic International Photographer & Guest Exhibitor at AURA 2024 by Retro Kolkata

Retro Kolkata Magazine has significantly announced Anjan Ghosh, the eminent photographer from India, as the Iconic International Photographer & Guest Exhibitor for the upcoming 'AURA 2024 - International Photography & Art Exhibition'. This prestigious event is scheduled to be held at Nazrul Tirtha, Newtown, Kolkata, from January 13 to January 21, 2024.

Anjan Ghosh, known for his profound passion for photography, particularly in rural and semi-urban life, has been recognized for his work that eloquently captures the essence of India. His photography, focused on the unique aspects of rural India, strives to present a narrative that counters rapid urbanization and celebrates the resilience and beauty of village life.

Anjan Ghosh's approach to photography is methodical and respectful, often resembling research more than mere image capture. He delves deep into the interiors of West Bengal, uncovering the intricacies of village life, and choosing to photograph only those moments that reveal the fundamental truths of his subjects. His goal is not to showcase poverty but to highlight aspects of rural life that could aid the people there.

The announcement comes as a recognition of Anjan Ghosh's significant contributions to photography and his commitment to using his art as a tool for social change. His work, which has been exhibited internationally and published in prestigious platforms, reflects his dedication to capturing images that not only inform but also inspire action.

Anjan Ghosh's notable achievements include exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, Italy, and India, along with online features in several photography and art platforms. His awards and accolades, such as the Certificate of Merit by Indian Institute of Photography and placements in international photography competitions, speak volumes of his talent and impact.

The AURA 2024 exhibition will showcase a range of Ghosh's works, offering attendees a glimpse into his unique perspective on rural and semi-urban life in India. The event is expected to be a confluence of artistic talent from across the globe, with Ghosh's participation being a highlight.

The exhibition will be divided into two segments – the art exhibition from January 13 to January 15 and the photography exhibition from January 18 to January 20, culminating in a grand felicitation ceremony on January 21.

Anjan Ghosh's participation in AURA 2024 as an Iconic International Photographer and Guest Exhibitor is a testament to his remarkable journey in photography, his artistic vision, and his unwavering commitment to social causes.