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Manu Srivastava has been Nominated as the Exhibitor for AURA 2024 by Retro Kolkata Magazine

Manu Srivastava, a passionate street photographer from Mathura, has been nominated as the Exhibitor for the 'AURA 2024- International Photography & Art Exhibition'. This prestigious event, organized by Retro Kolkata Magazine, is scheduled to take place at Nazrul Tirtha, Newtown, Kolkata. Spanning from January 13 to January 21, 2024, the exhibition promises to be a grand showcase of art and photography.

The event will begin with an art exhibition from January 13 to January 15, followed by a photography exhibition from January 18 to January 20. The grand finale, a felicitation ceremony, will be held on January 21, marking the culmination of this artistic extravaganza.

Manu Srivastava, by profession a recruiter, found his calling in street photography in 2021. His work is a testament to his ability to capture the essence of daily life through his lens. Srivastava's photography is not just about images; it's about telling stories, capturing the vibrant tapestry of life, and freezing moments that speak volumes. His passion for exploring the raw beauty and candid emotions in everyday scenarios has earned him this esteemed nomination.

As Manu Srivastava prepares to share his captivating glimpses at 'AURA 2024', his journey from a recruiter to a celebrated street photographer is an inspiring tale for many aspiring artists. His work highlights the extraordinary in the ordinary, inviting viewers to explore the depth and diversity of life's narratives through his photography.

'AURA 2024' is expected to draw art enthusiasts and photography aficionados from across the globe, offering them a chance to witness the convergence of diverse artistic expressions. With Manu Srivastava's participation, the event is set to add another dimension of storytelling and visual allure to its already impressive lineup.

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