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Avinaba Bera has been nominated for International Painting and Photography Exhibition

Retro Kolkata Magazine, a leading art publication, has announced that Avinaba Bera, a talented artist from Kolkata, has been chosen to participate in the prestigious International Painting and Photography exhibition. The exhibition, scheduled to take place from June 16 to June 18 at Arts Acre in Newtown, Kolkata, is set to showcase the works of renowned artists from around the world.

Avinaba Bera, a fourth-year student pursuing a B.F.A. at the College of Visual Art in Kolkata, has been making waves in the art world with his exceptional talent and unique artistic perspective. Hailing from Kolkata, Avinaba Bera's passion for painting has driven him to pursue it as a profession.

Having started his artistic journey in 2014, Avinaba Bera has dedicated himself to exploring the intricacies of painting. For him, creativity holds a significant place in life, serving as a means of self-expression and connecting with others. Through his artwork, he aims to convey his emotions and provide viewers with a glimpse into his world.

"I believe that creativity is one of the most important aspects of life," Avinaba Bera said. "It allows us to express ourselves and connect with others. Painting brings me mental peace, and I am passionate about exploring the lives and struggles of animals and birds through my art."

Avinaba Bera's artworks often reflect his deep interest in the natural world, with a particular focus on animals and birds. Through intricate brushstrokes and vibrant colors, he brings these creatures to life, capturing their beauty and highlighting the challenges they face in their environments. His dedication to portraying their stories through his art has garnered him recognition and acclaim within the art community.

The International Painting and Photography exhibition, organized by Retro Kolkata Magazine, aims to provide a platform for artists to showcase their talent on a global scale. Avinaba Bera's inclusion in this esteemed event is a testament to his artistic prowess and the impact of his work.

The exhibition will serve as an opportunity for art enthusiasts, collectors, and visitors to appreciate Avinaba Bera's captivating artwork, alongside the creations of other exceptional artists from various parts of the world. It to be an engaging and thought-provoking experience for all attendees.

As Avinaba Bera prepares to display his artwork at the International Painting and Photography exhibition, art enthusiasts and supporters eagerly await the opportunity to witness his talent firsthand. With his dedication, passion, and unique artistic perspective, Avinaba Bera is set to make a lasting impression on the art world and continue to inspire others through his creations

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