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Interview with Sukimin Thio | Guest Photographer from Indonesia

© Sukimin Thio

RK : First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation for an interview. Please say something about you. What first attracted you to landscape photography? Do you have an educational artistic background?

[ST] : My name is Sukimin Thio, and people usually call me Kimin. I am a luxury and lifestyle photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I started to learn photography in 2008, and I was attracted to landscape photography since 2015 after trying multiple genres of photography e.g. wedding, portraits, modelling, and still life. I went into landscape photography because it is the only genre of photography where I can combine my passion, hobby and career all together. I have a chance to visit many places and to share the beauty of it to many people. I don't have any artistic educational background before, I even graduated from Computerized Accounting major in college.

RK : How much preparation do you put into taking a photograph or series of photographs? Do you have any preferences regarding cameras and format?

[ST] : Everytime I travel, I always research the destination in Google. About what are the interesting objects, how is the weather, what are the culture and people, etc. I always use my Nikon full frame cameras. For DSLR I am using Nikon DSLR D5, D850 and Df, while for Mirrorless I am using Nikon Z7.

© Sukimin Thio

RK : What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Please explain your work flow.

[ST] : I am using several tools for post processing (Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe LightRoom Classic CC, Adobe Photoshop CC and NIK Software). I start by taking pictures using NEF (RAW Files) in my cameras, then make 2 copies them in external HDD. After that, I open the files one by one using Adobe Camera RAW to adjust the exposures. After that, I edit the picture using Adobe Photoshop CC and NIK Software to adjust the colours. The last step is apply same tone in Adobe LightRoom Classic CC. Once everything is done, I make another 2 copies in my external HDD. Note : It is very important to have more than 1 back up to secure your assets.

© Sukimin Thio

D. How did you set about developing your own style?

[ST] : I did trial and error. I refer to other photographers' style and consult with some other friends to get their feedback. After a while, I finally found my own style that I like.

RK : What do you like most about landscape photography?

[ST] : It is simply because I can visit so many beautiful places, admire them, capture them and share them to people.

© Sukimin Thio