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Sreevith Penti from Hyderabad has been nominated for International Photography Exhibition

Retro Kolkata Magazine, a prominent platform celebrating art and culture, has announced the selection of the talented photographer Sreevith Penti for its highly anticipated International Photography and Painting exhibition. The exhibition, scheduled to take place from June 16 to June 18 at Arts Acre in Newtown, Kolkata, is set to showcase the remarkable work of artists from around the world.

Hailing from Hyderabad and currently pursuing his studies in Delhi, Sreevith Penti is a passionate student with a deep love for photography, specializing in street and travel photography. He possesses a unique ability to capture captivating street shots, particularly in old places, where he finds joy in exploring and documenting the essence of daily life and the stories that unfold in these historic streets.

Sreevith's photographic style showcases a keen eye for detail, emphasizing the expressions of individuals, the interplay of light and shadow, and the vibrant colors that fill the cityscape. With every click of his camera, he aims to transport viewers to the streets he captures, inviting them to experience the rich culture and intricate details that often go unnoticed. His photographs evoke nostalgia, curiosity, and a profound connection to the shared human experience.

Expressing his excitement about being selected for the International Photography and Painting exhibition, Sreevith Penti shared his aspirations to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of India through his work. With each photograph, he endeavors to uncover the hidden gems that make these places special and create a deeper connection between the viewer and the subjects he portrays.

The Retro Kolkata Magazine exhibition is widely regarded as a prestigious platform for artists to showcase their talent and gain recognition within the art community. Sreevith's selection not only highlights his exceptional photography skills but also represents a significant milestone in his artistic journey.

As the exhibition approaches, anticipation is building among art enthusiasts and photography lovers eager to witness Sreevith Penti's stunning imagery. The event promises to offer a diverse range of artistic expressions, with Sreevith's photographs adding an extra layer of depth and cultural significance.

The International Photography and Painting exhibition organized by Retro Kolkata Magazine will provide Sreevith Penti with an invaluable opportunity to connect with fellow artists, industry professionals, and art aficionados. This exposure will undoubtedly contribute to his artistic growth and enable him to further refine his craft.

Visitors to the exhibition can expect to be captivated by Sreevith's exceptional photography, as his images paint a vivid portrait of India's vibrant streets and the stories they hold. Through his lens, he encapsulates the unique moments, cultural nuances, and hidden treasures that often escape casual observers.

Art enthusiasts and photography connoisseurs eagerly await the opening of the International Photography and Painting exhibition, where they will have the privilege of immersing themselves in Sreevith Penti's captivating photographs. His work promises to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and foster a profound appreciation for the beauty that lies within the streets of India.

As the dates draw closer, the anticipation surrounding the Retro Kolkata Magazine exhibition continues to mount. Sreevith Penti's inclusion in the event signifies the recognition of his talent and the tremendous impact his photography has on viewers. With his dedication, passion, and distinctive vision, Sreevith is poised to make a lasting impression on the art world and inspire others to see the beauty in the everyday moments that surround us all.

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