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Simran Gauba has been Nominated as the Exhibitor for AURA 2024 by Retro Kolkata Magazine

Simran Gauba, a distinguished photographer from New Delhi, has been nominated as an exhibitor for 'AURA 2024 - International Photography & Art Exhibition'. This esteemed event, organized by Retro Kolkata Magazine, is scheduled to take place at Nazrul Tirtha, Newtown, Kolkata, from January 13 to January 21, 2024.

The exhibition, which aims to showcase the diverse talents in the fields of art and photography, will feature an art exhibition from January 13 to January 15, followed by a photography exhibition from January 18 to January 20. The event will conclude with a felicitation ceremony on January 21.

With over three years of experience in commercial and street photography, Simran has carved a niche for herself by capturing the vibrancy and essence of Delhi's streets, architecture, and culture. Her work is renowned for its focus on the city's heritage, intricately documenting historical and cultural landmarks. In 2020, Simran's unique perspective and talent were recognized when she was featured by the Hindustan Times as a 'Female Flaneur in Delhi'.

Apart from her professional pursuits, Simran is also deeply involved in education, sharing her expertise and passion for photography as an educator. She is dedicated to mentoring students who share her enthusiasm for photography, guiding them in capturing their unique visions.

Simran's participation in 'AURA 2024' is highly anticipated, offering attendees an opportunity to experience her unique portrayal of urban life and heritage through her lens. Her inclusion in this international platform is not only a testament to her skill and dedication but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring photographers, especially in the realm of street and cultural photography.

The 'AURA 2024' exhibition is set to be a significant cultural event in Kolkata, attracting a global audience of art and photography enthusiasts. Simran Gauba's contribution is expected to be a standout, showcasing the dynamic and diverse aspects of street photography.

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