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Interview with Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz | Spain | Guest Painter | Watercolour

©Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

First of all , thank you for accepting our invitation for an interview.

RK : Please give us a few words of introduction about yourself.

Pablo : I am passionate about painting, especially watercolor and live by and for it. I combine my work in the studio with outdoor painting that also allows me to travel around the world. I've been dedicated to this wonderful profession for twenty years.

RK :When did you first realize that you really loved painting? Were there any instances that you can recall in particular that made you choose to concentrate on creating art?

Pablo : Since I was a child I always had a special skill and interest for drawing, and since then I have never stopped painting and being linked to the art world. When I was 12 years old I won my first painting prize and found a special motivation in the competitions in which I am still participating today.

©Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

RK :Has anybody guided you along your career path as an artist and if so who?

Pablo : I have had several teachers throughout my artistic career. In my beginnings, Antonio Vázquez Bartolomé was the one who taught me the technique of oil, grisailles and glazes. Then a few years later who perfected me in watercolor was Joseph Zbukvic.

RK : Who are some artists you admire?

Pablo : Of the already consecrated, almost all that I admire are those of the nineteenth century: Sargent, Sorolla, Zorn, Fortuny, Degas, ...

Of the present Joseph Zbukvic, Chien Chung Wei, Lars Lerin and Jeremy Mann.

©Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

RK : Why did you choose watercolor as your medium? Was watercolor the first medium you chose, or did you dabble with others first?

Pablo : The qualities of the watercolor that I like are the freshness, the speed of execution and spontaneity. On the other hand I can keep the drawing base which is one of the most important parts of the work for me.

I started painting with oil, then changed to the acrylic for how fast it dried and finally I stayed with the watercolor.

RK : What subjects do you mostly like to draw and paint about and why?

Pablo : As a landscape painter I have two main themes:

On the one hand urban and industrial issues, full of machinery, structures and of course vehicles, I am passionate about classic cars.

On the other hand, much of my works are themes in which water is the main protagonist, lakes, puddles, rivers, fountains,... I love the work of reflections in the different situations that water generates.

©Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

RK : What are the different kinds of papers you use? How do they affect how you paint and the ending painting? How you do decide which paper to reach for when beginning a new piece?

Pablo : After many years experimenting with different brands of paper I have limited myself to only use two: Arches and Saunders Waterford. Both brands I use in 300 grams and what changes according to what I am going to paint is the type of grain.

For urban landscapes I prefer fine grain because it gives me more precision and for field landscapes the rough one because it brings me more textures.

RK : What is your favorite work that you’ve produced so far and why?

Pablo : I am especially proud of my work "from Saint Peter´s Roof " First for the whole creative process that I took since I saw that image and then because that work was awarded in the American Watercolor Society and I had the opportunity to collect the prize in new York. In one of the streets of my city, Griñón, is reproduced in a mural to giant size and it is an honor to see it every day.

©Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

RK : What do you believe is a key element in creating a good composition?

Pablo : For me the composition is the most important part, even more than the subject or the color. If the composition is wrong the rest of the work does not work. The first thing is to place our protagonist or main element at a point near one of the Golden zones. Sometimes you need a "secondary actor " to balance the composition and almost essential that there are empty areas where the view rests.

RK : How can people buy your art?

Pablo : For those interested in Spain I have a permanent work in galleries of Zaragoza and Valencia. For the foreign public the easiest thing is to contact me directly through my email:

©Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

RK : Do you have any upcoming shows or exhibitions that you’ll be attending?

Pablo : Next year I have scheduled many intensive workshops: Ciudad Real, Valencia, Salamanca, Almería, Madrid, Florence and some other cities yet to be confirmed, at the beginning of the year I will publish the complete list on my website. On the other hand I will participate in the international watercolor Festival of Fabriano (Italy) where I'll make a live demonstration.

RK : Any words of wisdom to aspiring artists who want to pursue a similar career?

Pablo : What I always tell to my students is that the secret is in constancy. In trying to move a little more each day and paint as much as you can. With a sincere and constant work, the only necessary is to find inspiration.

©Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz

RK : Have you ever been to India and anything you know about Indian Art & Culture?

Pablo : No, I have never been to India, I have watercolor friends from that country and I have coincided with many of them at international festivals where we have had the opportunity to exchange our different cultural views.

RK : We (Retro Kolkata) are trying to make a bridge between National and International Art & Culture By featuring National & International personalities who already have made their own path in their respective fields and we think your story and tips might help the newcomers to build their career. Please say something about our initiative and any special message for your Indian followers.

Pablo : I believe that cultural exchange between different countries is now necessary because it helps international relations in an increasingly scrambled world. What better way than through art to strengthen ties and make joint samples. The Retro Kolkata project seems to me to be a very good initiative.


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