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"Being a magician was never an option but a birth right to us " Interview with Mumtaz Sorcar

© Mumtaz Sorcar
Mumtaz Sorcar, who is a magician by birth and actress by profession has earned million of hearts by her very persona and everlasting charm. Her performance in ‘Saala Khadoos’ was commendable. Recently she has won the 'Special Youth Award' for Roktokorobi, directed by Amitabh Bhattacharjya.
© Mumtaz Sorcar

RK : First of all thanks a lot for accepting our invitation for an interview. it’s a great pleasure to have you as our Guest. Let’s start from the first question… Let's jump into the past. What was your dream since you were a kid? …what would you like to do?

Mumtaz : As a child I have had two very strong idols : my father P.C.Sorcar Jr and my grandfather P.C.Sorcar senior. I have always wanted to be like them. A perfect showman...a people' artiste and most importantly a good human being. I have always loved performing arts and thus always new that I wanted to do something that revolves around that. Being a magician was never an option but a birth right to us! (One can say that when you have 8 generations of magicians in the family!)....thus, I of course learnt and performed the art of magic from a very early age... However it is my eldest sister Maneka who has taken up our family legacy (magic) and is a magician by profession... Whereas I have chosen the world of cinema and am an actress by profession.

© Mumtaz Sorcar

RK : What kind of roles would excite you as an actor?

Mumtaz : I love taking up challenging roles... Anything that makes me think. Get me out of my comfort zone.

RK : You’re amongst the commercially viable actresses today. What are the sacrifices that go behind the glamour?

Mumtaz : Coming from a family of show business, I have seen and experienced the world of glamour / show business very closely from a very early age and know how passionate, skilled, dedicated, confident and headstrong one has to be, to be a part of such a world... One has to dedicate oneself entirely to it.... (Yes of course if only one is serious about it and not running after the 10 secs of fame..!).

The world of cinema is a very magical place. It gives and takes at the same time. I don't treat sacrifices as sacrifices.. I'm too passionate about my work/profession to see anything as a sacrifice. If I have to make a sacrifice. I treat it as something I need to do to reach my goal.

© Mumtaz Sorcar

RK : You have earned a lot of critical acclaim for your performances. Which are the roles you look back at with pride and satisfaction?

Mumtaz : Though I am never satisfied with my performances; I am very grateful to all my critics, fans and well wishers for loving my work. I work very hard to give life to my characters. Thus, when people appreciate my work, it feels great and further inspires me to work harder and do better.

RK : Recently you have won the ‘Special Youth Award’ for your film ‘Roktokorobi’ directed by Amitabh Bhattacharya. How did you feel when you heard that you have won the award?

Mumtaz : I won the 'Los Angeles Films Award' and the 'Youth Award' for my film Raktokarobi...

Winning an award always feels great. So, of course I felt happy to receive the awards....! But, for me the best award is public appreciation.

© Mumtaz Sorcar

RK : Apart from actor, You are also a classical jazz dancer, how do you balance the two?Does one discipline influence the other?

Mumtaz : Iam a classical jazz and kathak dancer. I'm very passionate about dancing.

All art forms are somehow connected to one another. If you are a true performer...You will always find the connection between them. They all teach you to be dedicated, disciplined and passionate.

RK : Ever since you made your debut with Birsa Dasgupta’s ‘033’ in 2010, you have been selective about your films. What guides your choices?

Mumtaz : I have always been very selective about my work as a result I had to turn down a lot of films. I always look out for interesting, different type of scripts that are a bit out of the box. The script and role offered to me both must excite me and make me want to eagerly be a part of it.

© Mumtaz Sorcar

RK : Generally you do challenging roles. How do you prepare for these roles that pose such a contrast to your personal character?

Mumtaz : I draw inspiration from people around me. I keep noticing people...their behavior, mannerisms etc. I try to incorporate them into my characters and create something new. I am also a very impulsive actor...

RK : You have made your Bollywood debut with Sudha Prasad’s film ‘Saala Khadoosas a young female boxer’. How was it working with great personality like R. Madhavan ? Would you like to share with us some unforgettable moments ?

Mumtaz : I enjoyed every moment of 'Sala Khadoos'. It is my first national film, thus holds a very special position in my heart. I learnt a lot during the process of the film.

It was great to work with Maddy (Madhavan)... He is such a good actor. I love his work!

The most unforgettable moment I think was me learning my Tamil lines (it was a bilingual film) in a weeks time and then delivering them!

© Mumtaz Sorcar

RK : You are the youngest daughter of world famous magician P.C. Sorkar Jr. and apart from acting, you have also dedicated a part of your life to continuing the work of your father. How difficult is it to maintain the acting career and magician career simultaneously ?

Mumtaz : Magic is the inevitable part of our lives. We eat, drink, sleep magic!! I can't image life without 'magic'. We always try to give a magical touch to everything.

I do perform magic... But in our family shows. People know me as an actor... That is my profession. Magic like I said earlier is my passion (and my birthright, if I may say so...)

Magic and acting walk hand in hand. When you see my father performing on stage... He is 'enacting' the role of a magician! So there is a lot of acting involved along with science. Again, when I act in front of the camera and pretend to be someone I'm not... And when people see me as the character I played on screen...that is when magic happens in the minds of people...because then people choose to believe who they are seeing onscreen is not Mumtaz but the character I am playing...

RK : What do you enjoy most – acting, dancing, boxing or magic ?

Mumtaz : I love and am highly passionate about each one of them dearly and can never choose a favorite. They all define me.

© Mumtaz Sorcar

RK : Apart from movies, you are doing ‘Charitraheen 2’ web series in Hoichoi. Do you think Web Series have changed the scenario of Film Industry. Youths are quite addicted to Hoichoi, Netflix, Prime.

Mumtaz : Yes, I have recently delved into the world of web series.

The whole digital platform has come up in such a big way and is definitely more accessible. With the way our lives are turning out to be... It is becoming more and more difficult to find spare time for ourselves. Thus going to a theater hall to watch a movie is slowly becoming a luxury that many can't afford. This is when the digital platforms come to the rescue... It is definitely more convenient, cheaper option for people to watch something on the internet than in the theater halls. Despite the convenience one must realize that movies must be watched (at least once) in theater halls with the correct ambiance, light, sound and magnitude to get the real and full feel of it.

RK : What’s the real Mumtaz Sorkar like?

Mumtaz : The real Mumtaz Sorcar ? Well... I am the way you see me. But yes, there are sides to me which only very close people get to see.

RK : What is your mantra to not give up in life and not to give in to any peer/external pressure?

Mumtaz : Failure is not an option. Win for yourself! Grow for yourself! The direction of one's growth is more important than the speed.

© Mumtaz Sorcar

RK : Which of your forthcoming projects are you eagerly looking ­forward to?

Mumtaz : Iam shooting for few Bengali and Tamil films other than the two new web series that I will start shooting for. I can't mention the names now (contractually bound). But for that Retro Kolkata will have to sit and chat with me again in the future... Lol!

RK : We (Retro Kolkata) are trying to build one single stage for all the artists, because we believe that artists are the most beautiful creation of God and geographical boundary can never break their unity and harmony. Please say something about our initiative and any special message for your followers.

Mumtaz : Great initiative by Retro Kolkata.. Keep up the great inspiring work!

As for my readers... Believe in yourself and believe in making the impossible possible...cause that's when the real magic happens!


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