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Iswani Das has been nominated for International Painting and Photography Exhibition

Retro Kolkata Magazine is pleased to announce that Iswani Das, a talented and passionate artist from Kolkata, has been selected to showcase her extraordinary artwork at the prestigious International Painting and Photography exhibition. The event will take place from June 16 to June 18 at Arts Acre, Newtown, Kolkata.

Iswani Das, a dedicated school teacher hailing from the vibrant city of Kolkata, has always nurtured a deep passion for the world of art. Despite her busy professional life, Iswani has managed to pursue her love for painting and has now been rewarded with an incredible opportunity to exhibit her artwork on an international platform.

Expressing her excitement about being chosen for the International Painting and Photography exhibition, Iswani said, "Myself Iswani Das. I live in Kolkata. Professionally I am a School Teacher. I love to work on painting very much. I am excited for this opportunity to be a part of the International exhibition and showcase my work globally. I am also eager to gather more knowledge through this international event."

The upcoming exhibition organized by Retro Kolkata Magazine aims to celebrate the diverse talents of artists from various corners of the world. It serves as a bridge connecting artists, art enthusiasts, and connoisseurs from different cultures, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and inspirations.

Iswani Das's selection for this prominent event is a testament to her exceptional artistic skills and her unique perspective on the world. Her paintings capture the essence of nature, emotions, and human experiences, resonating with viewers on a deep level. Through her art, Iswani manages to evoke a range of emotions and spark introspection in the minds of those who appreciate her work.

Arts Acre, a renowned cultural hub situated in Newtown, Kolkata, will be the venue for this prestigious exhibition. With its state-of-the-art facilities and commitment to promoting art and culture, Arts Acre provides the perfect setting for artists to showcase their talent and creativity.

The International Painting and Photography exhibition will not only provide Iswani Das with an opportunity to share her artwork with a global audience but also allow her to engage with fellow artists, art critics, and art lovers from different parts of the world. Such interactions are invaluable for artists, as they facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences, fostering personal growth and development.

The selection of Iswani Das for this international event is a proud moment for the city of Kolkata and the entire artistic community. Her presence in the exhibition will undoubtedly enrich the overall experience, inspiring other aspiring artists and promoting the city's thriving art scene.

Retro Kolkata Magazine, known for its dedication to promoting art and culture, has once again curated an exceptional event that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on attendees. The International Painting and Photography exhibition promises to be a captivating journey through the world of art, celebrating talent, creativity, and the power of visual expression.

As the exhibition draws near, art enthusiasts and the general public eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness Iswani Das's remarkable paintings alongside other renowned artists from around the world. The event will undoubtedly be a significant milestone in Iswani's artistic journey, propelling her towards even greater recognition and success.

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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 'AURA 2024 - The International Photography & Art Exhibition and Grand Felicitation Ceremony', following the resounding success of last year's event. This prestigious gathering will be held at Kolkata's renowned 'Nazrul Tirtha' Art Gallery (Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata 700156) from January 13 to January 21, 2024. The event promises an international stage for artists and photographers handpicked globally to display their masterpieces alongside the mesmerizing works of esteemed artists from over 25 participating countries, all under the spotlight of national media.

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