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Introducing Suraj Thomas, Emerging Photographer from Kerala

Retro Kolkata : First of all Heartiest congratulations for your selection in Retro Kolkata Magazine Green Edition. Please introduce yourself. Tell us about your background.

Suraj : My name is Suraj Thomas and I am from Kerala. I have been photographing since 2017. I worked as a senior clerk in Kerala Motor Vehicles Department. I consider street and documentary photography to be the most interesting genre for me. I was the winner of several photography competitions in State and National level. My photographs published in some travel magazines . And also in several exhibitions.

Retro Kolkata : How important is photography to you? How did you start photography?

Suraj : Photography is a vision and art. Capturing image is important for me. Because I want to freeze the documental and unusual moments in Street and in a public space. Those photos will be cherished for the rest of their lives. When I am in Childhood age I met the guys with professional cameras who had a passion for photography. So I would like to became an photojournalist. But a getting my permanent job in other profession I bought a camera and capturing all genres those happening around me. After six month I realized that I most likely in Street and documentary photography.

Retro Kolkata : What motivates and inspires you as a photographer?

Suraj : Keeping an open mind and looking for new frames to photographs is a great way of motivation for me.

Retro Kolkata : Which genre of photography do you like and What inspires you? Which masters of photography have inspired you in your photographic work?

Suraj : I consider street photography to be the most interesting genre for me. It can be either easy or difficult to pick up, depending at our perspective. But it's a magic. So Street photography is important for me. All the photographers especially Hentri Cartier Bresson, Reghu Rai, Steve Mc Curry, Vineeth Vohra and Prasanth Godbole are inspired me.

Retro Kolkata : What type of camera, lenses and lighting equipment do you use?

Suraj : Now I am using Canon EOS 750d, 18-55 mm lens and Redmi Note 11 Mobile Phone.

Retro Kolkata : What subjects inspire you and prompt you to look for the shot?

Suraj : Street Photography can be beautiful, fascinating and even necessary for Photojournalism. Emotions are the most likely to come out when people are interacting. Every conversations and emotions in street is a story writing for a good street photographer. Those emotions are inspiration for me in everyday of life in Street.

Retro Kolkata : Do you prefer black and white shots or colour?

Suraj : A good photo tells a story. How you use colour is a big part of your visual vocabulary. Most of my photos I prefer in their own colours. But there are somewhere black and white is better.

Retro Kolkata : What is the best project you have worked on and how did you get involved with it?

Suraj : Now I have worked on variety of Festivals in Kerala an I learn something from each one. I wish to document that ancient festivals for the next generation.

Retro Kolkata : Where would you like to be in 10 years time and what are you going to do in the next 6 months to get closer to that goal?

Suraj : I would like to document the variety festivals in India, Rural lives especially of tribes, and capturing the unusual moments from the streets of India. In next six month I had a plan for travel to next State Tamilnadu and document the rural lives and festivals in connection with the Dasara and Deepavali.


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