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Introducing Mehwish Fatima, Emerging Artist from Jharkhand

Retro Kolkata : Please Say something about you.

Mehwish: My name is Mehwish Fatima am a writer and artist.I write poetry and do Mandala Art also I started sketching and pencil shading.

Retro Kolkata : When did you first realize that you really loved drawing? Were there any instances that you can recall in particular that made you choose to concentrate on creating art?

Mehwish: I love drawing since my childhood.

Retro Kolkata : Has anybody guided you along your career path as an artist and if so who?

Mehwish: Yes my grandfather and my mother.

Retro Kolkata : Tell us about your work? What are you currently working on?

Mehwish: My work is to make Mandala Art through it I create logo also Currently am working on Mandala designs ,logo etc.

Retro Kolkata : What is your favourite medium to work in?

Mehwish: Watercolor, Mandala pen

Retro Kolkata : Who are some artists you admire?

Mehwish: Chetna Singla

Prasun Balasubramaniam

Retro Kolkata : What subjects do you mostly like to draw and paint about and why?

Mehwish: I mostly draw Mandala Art

Retro Kolkata : Do you have any upcoming shows or exhibitions that you’ll be attending?

Mehwish: No not yet.

Retro Kolkata : Describe your dream project.

Mehwish: My dream project is to take Mandala Art to greater heights.

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