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Introducing Armaan Nath, Emerging Photographer from Bhopal

Retro Kolkata : First of all Heartiest congratulations for your selection in Retro Kolkata Magazine Green Edition. Please introduce yourself. Tell us about your background.

Armaan Nath : Hey! I'm Armaan Nath from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I am an undergrad student pursuing in computer science branch. I am a person who loves to try different things in life. I am a tech enthusiast who has a very keen interest in photography. For me initially photography started as a hobby but now it's something more than a hobby. I use my mobile camera to capture raw moments around me.

Retro Kolkata : How important is photography to you? How did you start photography?

Armaan Nath : Photography allows me to capture raw moments/happenings around me which is very interesting. It allows me to capture something which gives inner relief. I realised the importance of photography in lockdown, when I was trapped in my house and wanted to try different things so I started capturing with my mother's mobile camera and used some of my toys as the initial subjects. Later I learned some technicalities in photography and started following some of the YouTube creators in order to get some more insight into photography. Then, I started to explore different genres of photography.

Retro Kolkata : What motivates and inspires you as a photographer?

Armaan Nath : My shots are my motivation and inspiration. Capturing images with different perspectives motivates me to experiment more. Sometimes we think that a particular shot is not going to work but while reviewing it once or while editing, it comes out to be something different that's what the inspiration is.

Retro Kolkata : Which genre of photography do you like and What inspires you? Which masters of photography have inspired you in your photographic work?

Armaan Nath : I am still exploring different genres of photography. As of now I click what I like, as simple as that. My shots inspires me a lot and motivates me to capture more such shots. I admire the photographic works of Nimit Nigam and Kunal Malhotra as they were my initial mentors on photography.

Retro Kolkata : What type of camera, lenses and lighting equipment do you use?

Armaan Nath : I haven't spend much on photography. Last year I upgraded my mobile to Moto edge 20 fusion. For lighting I have made a homemade softbox and a tripod.

Retro Kolkata : What subjects inspire you and prompt you to look for the shot?

Armaan Nath : Sometimes in architectural photography, I look for human elements. To make a shot more engaging I look for human elements.

Retro Kolkata : Do you prefer black and white shots or colour?

Armaan Nath : I usually prefer Black and white shots in streets as it gives us more details in the shot and colour shots to enhance the overall look of the shot.

Retro Kolkata : What is the best project you have worked on and how did you get involved with it?

Armaan Nath : I have worked with a local newspaper and helped them to provide some photographs of our city. I got this opportunity through my Instagram handle.

Retro Kolkata : Where would you like to be in 10 years time and what are you going to do in the next 6 months to get closer to that goal?

Armaan Nath :In next 10 years I wanted to be at a place where I can balance both my career and my hobbies. For which I will try my level best to get closer to that goal. In next 6 months, I will be mastering my photography and will be upgrading my gears.

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