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Get Ready for Calcutta Youth Meet | The Final Chapter

Calcutta Youth Meet
Image © Script Production

“Pujo Mane?”

“Pujo mane bari fera, adda dewa, khawa dawa ar sarodiya utsab e mete otha”

With this same feeling, Script Productions organises the final chapter of Calcutta

Youth Meet at Gyan Manch on 26th September, 2022.

Calcutta Youth Meet
Image © Script Production

Script Productions, based in Kolkata, is an independent youth organisation run by a group of school and college students, possessing common love for film and culture, who have broadened their interests and gone ahead to organise a few events on their own. Built from scratch, Script Productions have striven to provide excellent performances in diverse events and has been recognized at both state and national levels. The team has also been fortunate enough to associate themselves with personalities like Amitabh Bachchan, Tinu Ananad, Purnima Dutta, Sandip Ray, Sabyasachi Chakroborty, SS Rajamouli and other prominent figures from the entertainment industry.
Calcutta Youth Meet
Image © Script Production

The team of Script Productions is constantly growing to impart opportunities to talented individuals and making dreams come true, by providing them with a platform like no other. With time, they aim to nurture leaders and accredit personalities to influence the world to the best of their abilities.

Calcutta Youth Meet
Image © Script Production

In between the daily pandemonium of the city the young hearts looses their ability to express the hidden treasures of art and intellect. The city whose essence have Kabi Guru, whose soul have Hemanta Mukhopadhay, whose heartbeat have Satyajit Ray has lots more to deliver to our magnificent “ Bangaliana” society and to our country. Like any other city, the young talents of Bengal don’t get exposed to big platforms. And then, Script Production brings Calcutta Youth Meet, a platform for U-25 boys and girls to showcase the magic they have. To add to the elegance of the event, the theme of Calcutta Youth Meet changes annually, celebrating the anniversaries of the vast Indian Cinema and respected dignitaries. The crowd is what keeps Calcutta Youth Meet going. Calcutta Youth Meet wholeheartedly welcomes the Youth of Calcutta to get the city on its feet. It serves an exposure on a large scale and also meet various people on other genres and some of them are celebrities too.

Calcutta Youth Meet
Image © Script Production

Calcutta Youth Meet | The Final Chapter brings you the most exciting events in various categories. In the Performing Arts category, they have events like Battle of Bands, Group/ Duet dance, Street Theatre, Fashion Show, Two Minutes to Fame. In the Literary Arts category, they have Debates, Quizzes, Creative Writing, and Red Button. Last but not the least, in the Informal Events category, they have Miss Calcutta, Photography, Film Making, Painting, Make Up and Cooking.

To judge this extravaganza, they have Bihangi Biswas, Tathagatha Chowdhury, Apratim Chatterjee. Arijit Dutta, Anisha Mukherjee, Aaindrila Dutta, Prajna, Jimmy Tangree, Kushal Mehta and Meghdut Roy Chowdhury are going to grace the event with their presence on the D-Day.

Calcutta Youth Meet
Image © Script Production


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