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Get Featured in Retro Kolkata Magazine’s First International Print Edition, Releasing Globally

Retro Kolkata Magazine International Print Edition

Dive into a world where art meets the heart!

We are thrilled to announce that Retro Kolkata Magazine is launching its inaugural International Print Edition this September 2023. A melting pot of culture, creativity, and charisma, our magazine seeks to become the global hub for all things Photography, Fashion, Painting, Music, Travel, and Writing.

We are inviting entries from across the globe, beckoning everyone from Fashion Influencers and Models, Stylists, Photographers, Artists, Travel Influencers, Vloggers, to Writers. Get an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your talents, ideas, and perspectives to an international audience. Don’t miss this unique chance to add another feather in your cap!

Retro Kolkata Magazine International Print Edition

Registration is now open and absolutely free. Submit your entries before the deadline on August 10, 2023. Following the registration process, selected personalities will have the privilege to be featured in our esteemed print edition.

Retro Kolkata Magazine International Print Edition

We're particularly interested in voices that breathe fresh life into their field, and personalities that have a unique point of view. Whether you're capturing the world through a lens, weaving stories with threads of fashion, translating emotions into beautiful paintings, creating symphonies of sound, uncovering unseen travel gems, or weaving words into narratives, we want to hear from you.

Retro Kolkata Magazine International Print Edition

Get ready to #CraftYourChronicle and #OrchestrateYourOdyssey with Retro Kolkata Magazine. This is your chance to #ComposeYourCosmos and make your mark in the international creative scene.

Turn the pages of your career to a new, exciting chapter. Get the recognition you deserve and let your creativity shine on our international stage.

Retro Kolkata Magazine International Print Edition

For more information and to register, please visit the following links:

Register in Fashion Segment :

Register in Photography Segment :

Register in Painting Segment :

Register in Travel Segment :

Register in Writing Segment :

Register in Music Segment :

We can't wait to tell your story and #WeaveYourWonder into our colorful tapestry of talent. Don't just create, inspire with Retro Kolkata Magazine. Remember, every artist was first an amateur. It's time to #EtchYourEternity.


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Step into the boundless world of art with Retro Kolkata Magazine - The Global Edition. Beyond a magazine, it's a collectible tome celebrating the global tapestry of creativity. Delve into seven chapters unveiling the wonders of artistry across different mediums, uniting readers in a rich conversation that transcends borders. Embrace this cherished keepsake, a luminous narrative of human expression and interconnected art forms.

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