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किस ओर तु चला है बावरे by Eshika amarnani

किस ओर तु चला है बावरे

किस ओर तू उडा है बावरे

हर फिजा में तेरी ही छवि है,और हर छवि में वोह हर शक़्स है

जिसे तलाश हर वक़्त है,पुकारती है मंजिले जिसे बेहद है

किस ओर तू चला बावरे,किस ओर तू उडा है बावरे

कतरा कतरा जीता क्यू है?

फिर कतरा कतरा मरता क्यू है?

बिखरते सवालो सा तू क्यू है?

उलझे जवाबो सा तू क्यू है?

जब खुद मे है बुलंद अस्तित्व तेरा, फिर हर जगह भटकता तू क्यू है?

किस ओर तू चला है बावरे?

किस ओर तू उड़ा है बावरे?

“Survivor poetess “

Eshika amarnani


Meet Eshika amarnani

Retro Kolkata : When did you start writing? Do you remember the first time you wrote something?

Eshika : Its been 4 years and above when I started writing post my accident, while I was bedridden state and my first poetry was " kis Ore tu chala hai baware" out on media when I was motivated to get up n perform.

Retro Kolkata : Could you talk about how your work has developed or changed since you first started writing?

Eshika : Yes,my work has developed n changed as my inner journey is changing itself by learning each day in life the struggles that I’m going through and overcoming the odds ,which is reflecting in my writeups.

Retro Kolkata : What was the source of your inspiration earlier? Did it change with time?

Eshika : My source of inspiration was the spiritual book " Autobiography of a yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda (whom I fondly call as baba) and my gurudev, words of wisdom with my own experiences are my source of inspiration now and then.

Retro Kolkata : What does poetry mean to you? Why do you write?

Eshika : Poetry for are self reflecting thoughts that are expressed through the power of the words with the sense a responsibility as a human to bring a revolution amongst others by your vivid experiences of life to uplift each other for good.

My purpose of this journey as a writer is to invoke self love and never give up attitude with my own survivor journey.

Retro Kolkata : Which poets have inspired you? Do you feel yourself ever influenced by the writing style of a poet?

Eshika : Rumi,sufi, Baba Bullehshah,Amrita Pritam ji, Nida Fazil Sahabh, Gulzar Sahabh and lots of other Urdu poets work I read and influence me as a writer.

Retro Kolkata : Could you talk about your typical process for writing -- from idea to final draft?

Eshika : Writing is process a journey in itself where nothing is planned ,it comes like a whiff in the air and takes shapes to the final draft as the thoughts n emotions seek refuge within the heart n mind of the creator...I’m mere a medium, it is the divine lord that is working its magic n weaving it through me, is what I believe in!

Retro Kolkata : How do you beat writer’s block?

Eshika : By exploring my limitations and overpowering my fears in expression, hence doing what a free spirited writer should do....Write. Write and write!

Retro Kolkata : Please let the readers know about your projects for the future? Are you working on any project? Please share any stanza you have written and you repeat it most of the times.

Eshika :I am planning to give another dimension to my craft by shaping its flow and exploring it lyrically with our profound music heritage and there is this favourite lines of mine I keep reciting it like a mantra" KHUDH SA ISHQ ,KABHI KHUDHKO DIKHA...CHAL TU BHI KABHI KHUDHSE THODHA ISHQ LADHA"


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