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Emanuele Merlini from San Marino has been nominated for International Photography Exhibition

Emanuele Merlini's passion for photography has been a lifelong pursuit. Growing up with parents who shared a love for travel and photography, he was exposed to the art form from an early age. With an analog reflex camera always present, documenting their adventures, Emanuele was inspired to follow in their footsteps.

At the age of 18, Emanuele embarked on his personal journey, purchasing his first digital camera and teaching himself the intricacies of photography. Over the past 15 years, he has honed his skills and gained valuable experience through his extensive travels. Each new destination provides him with a unique opportunity to capture profound moments and transform them into unforgettable memories.

Emanuele Merlini's dedication to his two greatest passions, travel and photography, shines through in his work. His photographs evoke a range of emotions, transporting viewers to different countries and cities, and allowing them to experience the essence of each place. Through his lens, he strives to encapsulate the most important moments that a location has to offer.

His selection for the International Photography & Painting Exhibition is a testament to his talent and commitment to his craft. This prestigious event attracts artists and enthusiasts from around the world, providing a platform for them to showcase their exceptional work.

The exhibition promises to be a celebration of creativity and visual storytelling. With Emanuele Merlini's captivating photographs on display, visitors can expect to be captivated by the beauty and depth captured in each frame.

As the dates draw closer, anticipation builds for this remarkable event, where Emanuele Merlini and other talented artists will come together to share their artistic vision and inspire others through their work.

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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 'AURA 2024 - The International Photography & Art Exhibition and Grand Felicitation Ceremony', following the resounding success of last year's event. This prestigious gathering will be held at Kolkata's renowned 'Nazrul Tirtha' Art Gallery (Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata 700156) from January 13 to January 21, 2024. The event promises an international stage for artists and photographers handpicked globally to display their masterpieces alongside the mesmerizing works of esteemed artists from over 25 participating countries, all under the spotlight of national media.

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