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Interview with Make up Artist & Blogger Elahe Sarfaraz : Retro Kolkata Exclusive

© Elahe Sarfaraz
Beauty for me is what you are inside. I work as a makeup artist to make people more beautiful on the outside. However, that doesn’t change people’s inside. I think if you are beautiful inside, you're a beautiful person. No matter how you look like.
© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : First of all thanks a lot for accepting our invitation for an interview. it’s a great pleasure to have you. Let’s jump into the past. When and how did you get into beauty industry ?

Elahe : Hello and good day. First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for what you do in regards to letting people know more about artists all over the world.

You may be surprised to know that I was a really simple and naive girl when I was a teenager.

I studied physical therapy at SBMU and started working in a small town to prove that I can take on life as a woman. I've liked makeup since I was 18 but at that time I wasn’t a professional makeup artist. After graduating from college and working as a physical therapist in a small town, I started to learn makeup professionally. At the beginning, I started my beauty career as a beauty blogger but then I focused more on makeup and began to achieve what I wanted. I believe you can become a hero from zero with dedication and passion.

© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : What famous artists have influenced you, and how?

Elahe : I love charlotte tilbury, her makeup products and her makeup style because what she does makes you look like yourself but a better version of you as well. Moreover, I think Huda Kattan is very talented and she is truly herself. Among male makeup artists, I like Hindash.

© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : What is your specialty in the hair and makeup world / your niche?

Elahe : I'm fearless in every aspect of my life; not only in makeup. Who would do this after studying physiotherapy in college!

I did it and I’m very happy because of it. I like to create and make things that have never happened before; especially when it comes to makeup.

RK : . What does beauty mean to you?

Elahe : Beauty for me is what you are inside. I work as a makeup artist to make people more beautiful on the outside. However, that doesn’t change people’s inside. I think if you are beautiful inside, you're a beautiful person. No matter how you look like.

© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : Do you also see yourself as an “Blogger & influencer”, and if so, what does that mean to you?

Elahe : As mentioned, before I became a makeup artist, I started my job as a blogger. So obviously my answer is a big yes. I think any beauty blogger and influencer should play a role to make people live better than before, as opposed to a person who makes people wear masks!

RK : What’s your beauty regime? Would you like to share some of your best beauty secrets?

Elahe : I'm a person just like you. But I try to better myself each and every day. My beauty secret is having good skin , which helps me to look better. I’ve had a skin care routine since I was 18. So my secret is having glowing skin.

© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : Any tips on how girls can achieve a look that is both "cool" and parent-friendly?

Elahe : I think every girl should be herself. You don't need to play a role or be someone who you are not. We shouldn't exaggerate things when it comes to how we look and that’s the point.

RK : Are there any makeup trends you’re loving right now?

Elahe : I absolutely love using highlighters.

© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : Which do you prefer: bold lip or dark eyes?

Elahe : Bold lips

RK : What three makeup items should no woman leave home without?

Elahe : Sunscreen



© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : Staying fresh and innovative in today’s fast-paced world can be a challenge. How do you stay creative and where do you look for inspiration?

Elahe : I look through my soul . I try to be myself and have my own way . These days you can absolutely make ideas by following makeup artists’ instagram pages. Like nikkie tutorial ,hindash, etc.

For example, I did an invert makeup challenge inspired by nikkie. And the most important thing is my followers . Lots of times they give me ideas on what to do.

RK :What do you predict will be huge in the world of hair in the next year?

Elahe : Makeup and hairstyle should make people look natural but enhance their looks as well. If you have curly hair, enjoy it. If you have straight hair, enjoy it...

I would like to see a day that everyone experiences self love just the way that she is.

© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : Share with us 3 random facts about you that very few people know.

Elahe : Three facts about me:

One: I think God is the most beautiful thing in the world. I'm thankful to him for making me who I am now. I’m nothing without him.

Two: I’m proud of myself because I made this career by myself from zero and I’m my own role model.

Three: My true love is my mother.

© Elahe Sarfaraz

RK : We (Retro Kolkata) are trying to build one single stage for all the artists, because we believe that artists are the most beautiful creation of God and geographical boundary can never break their unity and harmony. Please say something about our initiative and any special message for your followers

Elahe : I’m extremely happy to see people like you who give a chance to artists to introduce them self better. I hope that you give more chances to young artists to be seen by the whole world.

I want to thank all of my followers for supporting me. I’m here because of them. I try to be honest with them and I’m happy because they trust me and encourage me.

I truly appreciate you for giving me this opportunity.


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