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Biprorshi Sankar Chatterjee has been Nominated as the Exhibitor for AURA 2024

In an exciting announcement for the art and photography world, Biprorshi Sankar Chatterjee has been officially nominated as an exhibitor for 'AURA 2024 - International Photography & Art Exhibition'. This prestigious event, organized by Retro Kolkata Magazine, is scheduled to be held at Nazrul Tirtha, Newtown, Kolkata, from January 13th to January 21st, 2024.

Biprorshi, known for his exceptional skills in street photography, has made a significant impact in both the digital and the real world. Balancing a full-time career in social media marketing with his passion for photography, Biprorshi's journey began in 2016. Since then, he has been dedicatedly capturing the essence of street life, predominantly using his smartphone as his primary tool.

His unique perspective and ability to encapsulate the vibrant street scenes have not only earned him a place in various exhibitions but also recognition in notable publications such as t2 and several social media platforms. His work stands out for its authenticity and the compelling stories it tells about everyday life and its unscripted moments.

The art exhibition segment of AURA 2024 will take place from January 13th to January 15th, followed by the photography exhibition from January 18th to January 20th. The event will conclude with a grand felicitation ceremony on January 21st. This event is a significant platform for artists and photographers to showcase their talent and gain recognition in their respective fields.

Biprorshi’s nomination as an exhibitor is a testament to his artistic abilities and his dedication to capturing life’s fleeting moments. Visitors to AURA 2024 can look forward to exploring the beauty and stories of the streets through Biprorshi's lens, experiencing a world that combines the rawness of everyday life with the artistic flair of photography.

This event promises to be a landmark occasion in the world of art and photography, celebrating the talents of individuals like Biprorshi who are redefining the boundaries of artistic expression.

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