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Bipasha Handique Announced as the Nominated Artist for AURA 2024 by Retro Kolkata Magazine

Bipasha Handique, a 22-year-old self-taught artist from Assam, has been named the Nominated Artist for 'AURA 2024 - International Art & Photography Exhibition'. This prestigious event, organized by Retro Kolkata Magazine, is scheduled to be held at Nazrul Tirtha, Newtown, Kolkata, from January 13 to January 21, 2024.

Bipasha Handique, with her roots in the vibrant landscapes of Assam, brings a unique and captivating perspective to her art. Her works are a reflection of her daily experiences, channeling the rich tapestry of life into visual narratives that resonate with emotions and reflections. As a self-taught artist, Handique has cultivated a distinct style that speaks to the intricacies of her internal monologue, transforming them into compelling visual stories.

The AURA 2024 event promises to be a grand showcase of talent and creativity. It will feature an art exhibition from January 13 to January 15, followed by a photography exhibition from January 18 to January 20. The event will culminate in a felicitation ceremony on January 21, where artists and photographers will be recognized for their contributions.

Handique's ambition goes beyond her individual artistic pursuits. She aspires to establish her own art studio and create a haven for creativity. Her goals include collaborating with brands and imparting her passion to the younger generation through art and design education. This commitment to not only her own artistic evolution but also to fostering creativity in others highlights her dedication to the art community.

With her nomination, Bipasha Handique stands as a beacon of inspiration for young, aspiring artists, proving that with dedication and a unique vision, one can achieve recognition in the world of art. Her participation in the AURA 2024 exhibition is eagerly anticipated by art enthusiasts and is sure to add a vibrant dimension to this international event.

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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 'AURA 2024 - The International Photography & Art Exhibition and Grand Felicitation Ceremony', following the resounding success of last year's event. This prestigious gathering will be held at Kolkata's renowned 'Nazrul Tirtha' Art Gallery (Action Area I, Newtown, Kolkata 700156) from January 13 to January 21, 2024. The event promises an international stage for artists and photographers handpicked globally to display their masterpieces alongside the mesmerizing works of esteemed artists from over 25 participating countries, all under the spotlight of national media.

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