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Aziz Boa from Ladakh has been nominated for International Photography & Painting Exhibition

Retro Kolkata Magazine, a renowned platform celebrating art and culture, has announced the selection of talented wildlife photographer Aziz Boa for the highly anticipated International Photography and Painting exhibition. The prestigious event is scheduled to take place from June 16 to June 18 at Arts Acre in Newtown, Kolkata, promising to captivate visitors with a diverse range of artistic expressions.

Abdul Aziz, widely known as Aziz Boa, hails from Ladakh, the northernmost part of India, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife. As an enthusiastic photographer with a particular passion for wildlife, Aziz has dedicated his skills and efforts to capturing the beauty of nature. Despite using a basic Nikon camera with a kit lens, he has demonstrated remarkable talent in his craft, pushing the boundaries to capture awe-inspiring wildlife moments.

Expressing his gratitude, Aziz Boa sincerely thanks Retro Kolkata Magazine for selecting his photographs to be exhibited in such a prominent platform, the International Photography and Painting exhibition. The recognition received from this prestigious exhibition has served as a powerful motivation for Aziz, fueling his determination to continue capturing even more stunning photographs in the future.

Retro Kolkata Magazine's choice to include Aziz Boa's work in this renowned exhibition highlights the exceptional quality and artistic merit of his wildlife photography. The event aims to showcase the finest works of photographers and painters from around the world, providing a platform for artists to exhibit their creations and inspire others in the process.

Aziz Boa's photographs are a testament to his dedication and passion for wildlife photography. His images transport viewers into the enchanting world of animals, capturing their raw beauty and showcasing the delicate balance of nature. Through his lens, Aziz skillfully conveys the essence of each creature, bringing their stories to life and fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Art enthusiasts and wildlife lovers are eagerly anticipating the International Photography and Painting exhibition, eager to witness Aziz Boa's captivating photographs firsthand. The exhibition promises to be a celebration of creativity, fostering an atmosphere of inspiration and admiration for the power of photography to evoke emotion and raise awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

With the announcement of Aziz Boa's inclusion, the International Photography and Painting exhibition is set to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Aziz's awe-inspiring photographs, gaining a newfound appreciation for the wonders of nature.

As the event draws near, art enthusiasts are encouraged to mark their calendars and join the celebration of art and photography at Arts Acre, Newtown, Kolkata. Retro Kolkata Magazine, in collaboration with Aziz Boa, promises to create an extraordinary exhibition that showcases the magnificence of wildlife and the talent of artists from around the world.