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“Value your time as money” - Interview with the glamorous Anveshi Jain : Retro Kolkata Exclusive

Anveshi Jain is one of the most popular faces in the emcee world. She debuted her acting career in ‘Gandii Baat 2’ and became the top googled name in India, 2019. Now she is launching her official app called Anveshi Jain and shared with Retro Kolkata about her secret behind the successful journey.
© Anveshi Jain

RK : First of all thanks a lot for accepting our invitation for an interview. it’s a great pleasure to have you as our Guest. Let’s start from the first question… Let’s have a jump into the past. What was your dream since you were a kid? …what would you like to do?

Anveshi : I remember when I first saw Titanic ,it was Kate that became a dream . That was my first Hollywood movie and since then I used to imagine myself to acting like her.

RK : Please say something about your career as a fashion model & actress . How did you get started?

Anveshi : I was so fascinated by the idea of getting all ready and pictures clicked . The journey as a model started in Indore and after 2 years of shifting to Mumbai . I did my first web series that went viral and made me most googled. I am looking forward to do some impactful characters . I think I would fit pretty well in bossy ,strong roles.

© Anveshi Jain

RK : Electrical Engineer to entrepreneur , then in fashion industry, how has the transition into fashion era from a successful businesswoman been?

Anveshi : It has been a beautiful journey indeed. There wasn’t a single moment I have not imagined working and making bigger . I have filled approximately 40 diaries full of gratitude , planning and self answered questions. For the longest I have mentored myself and turned out,it worked .

RK : What is that specific moment in your life which lit the spark in you to become an actress?

Anveshi : I don’t think so there is a specific moment to say that inspired me to become an actress . It’s a gradual process of desiring an impossible goal ,then as I grew ,I realised even if there is 1 % chance of becoming an actress , I will give it my 100% and that’s what I did. I juggled in multiple other things which directly - indirectly helped me to grow as an actor and a self reliant woman .

© Anveshi Jain

RK : What was your first big break in the industry ?

Anveshi : I won’t call it a big break but life changing it was for sure . I did Gandibaat 2 and that made me the most googled woman . I am blessed. After that my career accelerated . Turns out this show gave me the fame of 10 shows that comes and goes with such acknowledgement.