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Aditya Gupta from Howrah has been nominated for International Photography & Painting Exhibition

Retro Kolkata Magazine has announced the selection of Aditya Gupta, a Kolkata-based freelance photographer, for the International Photography & Painting Exhibition that is scheduled to be held from June 16 to June 18 at Arts Acre in Kolkata, India.

Aditya Gupta, who started his photography journey in 2018 with a Nikon D3300, has spent the last four years of his life learning and gaining experience in various genres of photography. During this time, he had the opportunity to work under several professionals and experiment with different professional cameras and lighting equipment to broaden his mindset and enhance his creativity.

Currently, Aditya Gupta is focusing on improving his portfolio in fashion, e-commerce, and street photography. His passion for photography and his dedication to constantly improving his craft have earned him this prestigious opportunity to showcase his work in the International Photography & Painting Exhibition organized by Retro Kolkata Magazine.

The event is expected to attract photography and art enthusiasts from all over the world, and it promises to be a platform for photographers and artists to showcase their talents and connect with like-minded individuals. Aditya Gupta's selection for the exhibition is a testament to his skill and talent as a photographer and is a well-deserved recognition of his hard work.

The organizers of the International Photography & Painting Exhibition have expressed their excitement to feature Aditya Gupta's work alongside other talented photographers and artists at the event. The exhibition promises to be an excellent opportunity for art and photography lovers to witness some of the best works from around the world.

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