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Aanchal Munjal, Guest Actor, India

I wish Retro Kolkata all the very best for this initiative and love what they’re doing for the artists out there because yes, artists create the most beautiful pieces in this universe as thanksgiving to God for creating them as the medium to entertain the mankind and educate them.


Bidita Bag, Guest Actor, India

Whatever you do, do with full plan, honesty and passion. Wish Retro Kolkata all the very best for your new venture. I am always with you.


Mumtaz Sorcar, Guest Actor, India

Great initiative by Retro Kolkata.. Keep up the great inspiring work!


Sana Dua, Guest Model, India

It's a great initiative & I'm sure it will help bring light to a lot of personalities who have not been highlighted yet!


Ruma Sharma, Guest Model, India

Your concept is very good. I really like and appreciate you for taking this initiative. Sharing knowledge and experience with newcomers will definitely help them out to find their own way. Keep doing good Retro Kolkata!


Shayla Welch, Guest Model, USA

I think that this is a great subject and way to really approach to people from around the world. it’s deeply flattering and I’m happy that I get to reach people from all over the world.


Vinicius Piccoli, Guest Model, Brazil

In all professions whatever they are, we have to struggle, to have focus and goal if we want to get somewhere. Dream big, thank you for what you already have, thank you for having health, for working, for your family.


Camila Bramani, Guest Model, Italy

It’s cool to think that a single person like me or as any of you through the social can reach someone else who is on the opposite side of the world, we have a great deal to learn from each other in countless fields as well as fashion and art.


Satarupa Pyne, Guest Model, India

You are guys are doing a great job . It’s a great initiative . Wishing you luck for all your upcoming endeavors .


Silvia Toscano, Guest Model, Italy

I loved to participate in this project for Retro Kolkata and their vision of arts and harmony, collaborating was a pleasure.


Skyler Springstun, Guest Model, USA

Great initiative by Retro Kolkata.. Artists give people something they didn’t know they were missing . That’s exactly what Retro Kolkata is doing .


Hadise Ghorbani, Guest Model, Iran

First of all I want to thank you for approaching me and letting me be part of something big and beautiful. I think what you’re doing is great and I’m sure lots of great things will come out of making this international bridges.


Laurence Bouchard, Guest Photographer, UK

I think it’s a great initiative. Any platform that aims to inspire and focus on creativity is a good idea in my opinion.


Radha Swami, Guest Photographer, India

I completely agree with the views of Retro Kolkata that "Artists are the most beautiful creation of God and geographical boundary can never break their unity and harmony". We definitely need a single platform where all the artists can come together - explore, learn and grow, because no single artist can truly exist without the other irrespective of the medium once chooses.


Eolo Perfido, Guest Photographer

All the initiatives that give voice to artists and their freedom of expression are a heritage for all humanity. So I wish you a good job and continue to support the creative community.


Navin Kumar Vatsa, Guest Photographer, India

A great initiative by Retro Kolkata. Keep it up


Joel Sanguinetti, Guest Photographer, France

You digital media, erase boundaries and differences between peoples. Everyone, if he is in a country of freedom, can obtain information. I am immensely grateful to you and I can not thank you enough for allowing me this trip. I strongly believe that, while everyone will keep their culture, the world will come together through digital media, this is ongoing, and it is my great hope for humanity.


Mitch Miller, Guest Photographer, USA

Retro Kolkata is an umbrella for all kinds of art and passion... I believe they are trying to bring the world back together again through art.


Jean Robert Longhi, Guest Photographer, France

I am an atheist but I definitely share your point of view about the fact that art is global. And I can verify this via the various sharing. strongly support you and admire your desire to defend this vision. I am truly honored by your invitation to talk about my Fine-Art photographic work in your magazine and very happy to be read in India, country that I only know from what I have seen and read in the media but would love to discover one day.


Surbhi Kaushik, Guest Photographer, India

Your belief is absolutely beautiful, and I wish you all the very best. I think the people who create art & the ones who value it make this world a better place to live in.


Sukimin Thio, Guest Photographer, Indonesia

Thank you so much for bridging me to the photographers in India. You guys are fantastic, and I can't wait to visit India and to meet some of you to take photos together.


Bobby Joshi, Guest Photographer, India

I think this is a great initiative and people will benefit immensely from an endeavor like this. My best wishes to you in this effort. Keep inspiring people.


Anup Gandhe, Guest Photographer, India

Its a good initiative. This will provide a platform for all artists, irrespective of their varying cultural and national backgrounds, to present their art and showcase their rich heritage.


Amit Khanna, Guest Photographer, India

That’s a great initiative, and I wish u success and luck, I hope you guys are able to achieve great heights and let every deserving artist get their due and platform. All the best .


Nicky Jay, Guest Photographer, Switzerland

It is nice that there are such stages! Further education is the most important thing. Thank you that I may be a part here.


Georgina Goodwin, Guest Photographer, Kenya

The idea Retro Kolkata has to build one single stage for all artists provides one unique place celebrating the diversity and beauty of creativity. Creating is a place of harmony and beauty, when we create we are not destroying. It is a place we humans need to spend much more time in. Here we have a chance to connect with our world, to connect with other people, and when we connect we can begin to feel outside of ourselves, to better understand and create for ourselves a better world. I encourage all of us to support Retro Kolkata’s artists platform, as it is a way we can help each other, through the art of creating, through artists.


Aitai Shakibafar, Guest Photographer, Iran

It's very unique to create a single stage for artists, because apart from racial segregation and geographical boundaries, your focus should be on artists and their artworks.


Nikhita Gandhi, Guest Singer, India

All I can say is thank you for the love and nurturing our passion . None of this makes sense if there is no one to love it.


Raghav Sachar, Guest Singer, India

I'm overwhelmed by hearing this initiative and I agree that artists are chosen by God. Every day I come to the studio, I never find this to be work, I find this as entertainment. It has his own challenges and its extremely competitive but it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction and I would choose this over and over again for multiple lifetimes. Retro Kolkata should be applauded for their initiative and you guys should probably do a concert and get all artists together and spread the word. Best wishes…


Melia Maccarone, Guest Singer, USA

I believe in your goal & I am totally behind it. I think exposing Art & Culture globally is important & great.


A-Yeon, Guest Drummer, South Korea

I was very happy when I got this interview as I have been interested in Indian music and culture. I want to know more about India, and I hope this interview will let people know more about me. I hope the day will come soon when I can try my favorite Naan and Curry in India. And someday I'm going to cover up some Indian music on my YouTube channel


Indian Ocean, Guest Band, India

A great initiative by Retro Kolkata


Agnee, Guest Band, India

Cheers to you guys at Retro Kolkata.. I was born and brought up in Kolkata, and I know the special love that artists of all kind get in Kolkata… and I’m so glad that you guys continue to show that love.


Symfobia, Guest Band, Slovakia

Great idea! We wish you all the best in your project. And to your readers we want to say - live in love for yourself, for others, and for good music.


A Dot in the Sky, Guest Band, India

A great initiative by Retro Kolkata


IGNEA, Guest Band, Ukraine

Thank you, Retro Kolkata, for spreading a word about artists. It means a lot for the industry to develop.


Motherjane, Guest Band, India

As a Culture & Lifestyle site we think you guys are doing a great job, by featuring such wide array of artists across the world and enlightening the masses. More power to you. We sincerely wish you guys all the best with your endeavor and hope you become more and more influential in the coming days...


AEVERIUM, Guest Band, Germany

Thanks again for having us and give us the opportunity to talk to you and the Indian Community! We personally think it´s a great work you guys do for creating that bridge...not only for Art and Culture but for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves as musicians and humans to the Indian Community! Music is a language everybody love, one friendship, one world! Let´s keep working together!


Infected Rain, Guest Band, Moldova

Thank you so much! It is beautiful what you do! Art and music is connecting people of different ethnicity and cultures and that is beautiful! - Listen to a lot of music and support the bands you like! We exist because of you!


Cornelia Hernes, Guest Painter, Norway

In a world with such much flux and distress, it is amazing to see bridge builders who work to bring people together and celebrate artistic expressions. Thank you, Retro Kolkata for your beautiful vision to connect, educate and inspire!


Sudhi Ranjan Mukherjee, Santiniketani Alpona Artist, India

It is really a wonderful initiative bringing different type of Artists and their artistic works under a single roof in a beautiful platform like ‘Retro Kolkata’. The Artists will be able to have glimpses of the new emerging trends, thoughts and imagination of the artistic world and learn the new techniques too.


Blanca Alvarez, Guest Painter, Spain

All the initiatives that value art and culture seem wonderful to me. And to make bridges between countries and cultures are very necessary today. So thank you so much for your Idea and for your beautiful project!


Shierly Lin, Guest Painter, Indonesia

That’s absolutely a great idea and opportunity, not only for the newcomers who wants to build career in art, but for everyone in general. It would be great if you could learn and expand your knowledge and thoughts about art & culture not only from your own country, but also from other countries as well.


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Guest Painter, Spain

I believe that cultural exchange between different countries is now necessary because it helps international relations in an increasingly scrambled world. What better way than through art to strengthen ties and make joint samples. The Retro Kolkata project seems to me to be a very good initiative.


Nick Sider, Guest Painter, USA

I think this initiative is very much needed for artists, particularly in an internet driven, globalized world.


Devki Bhatt, Guest Celebrity Stylist, India

A community is important for an artist to grow and learn. The work we do is individualistic however almost impossible without the team that is required to put it into existence. It is vital to acknowledge the need of community and the spirit of teamwork when it comes to any industry of artists. Bridging the various creative fields is when innovation truly happens, meaning we need each other to grow and move forward.


Vipul Bhagat, Guest Celebrity Make up Artist, India

Retro Kolkata deserves real appreciation. Your magazine is unity in diversity to give a platform to the ones who create masterpiece and to acknowledge them and putting them in the spotlight to the world deserves all the support and credibility from every industry professionals from all around the world. Wishing you all the very best for your future projects.


Elahe Sarfaraz, Guest Make up Artist, Iran

I’m extremely happy to see people like you who give a chance to artists to introduce them self better. I hope that you give more chances to young artists to be seen by the whole world.


Shantanu & Nikhil, Guest Fashion Designer, India

Art is like music; art is the only language that is truly democratic. By the virtue of its word it means inclusion of people from all backgrounds, cultures and demographics. So if art is true democracy then I think we need to applaud the fact that through Independence, freedom of speech, design and expression which is sometimes neglected, an artist is a true freedom fighter for the people.


Myriam Von Rohmy, Guest Guest Fashion Designer

I think it is a wonderful and important initiative because giving artists a platform to show and talk about their work helps them to spread their art to a bigger audience, what is essential to help them to get discovered and emerge.


Susu in Wanderland, Guest Blogger & Influencer, Dubai

I love the harmony you are creating out in your magazine of the amazing combination of the colorful artistic world of art, music, culture, fashion,photography ,blogging and influencing together , mixing all those people and motivating them by treating them as most beautiful creatures , no matter where they are coming from is really unique , fabulous and respectful. I am so glad to deal with platforms that are artistry motivators . Thank you .


Aarya Vora, Guest Blogger & Influencer, India

It is truly commendable that you are building one single stage for all the artistes, where people can read and know about all the influencers and bloggers. I feel honored to be a part of your magazine and it would be great to intervene with you guys.

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