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Rajesh Gupta, known as the 'Visual Maestro', is an acclaimed self-taught photographer andCanon Brand Ambassador from East of India , renowned for transforming negatives intopositives through his company, LENSOCRAT.

His journey started on the theatre stage, performing in over 300 shows across India andblossoming into a vibrant 22-year photography career. Much of his learning stems from hisglobal travels, particularly through projects in Japan, Italy, and Kenya, providing a well-rounded approach to his craft. Rajesh has collaborated with industry titans like ITC, Emami,and the RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, and personal celebrities such as Mahendra Singh Dhoni,Gulzar, Shah Rukh Khan, Nita Mukesh Ambani, Sourav Ganguly, Mithun Chakraborty, andTollywood superstar Prosenjit Chakraborty, etching his mark in the industry. His expertisespans across genres like portrait, fashion, food, and especially wedding photography, havingcaptured over 350 weddings globally. Honored with a 2005 FIAP silver medal for PortraitPhotography, his work graces esteemed publications. As a senior faculty member at theInternational Institute of Photography Kolkata, he inspires a new generation ofphotographers. Lessons from a journey from Tokyo to Koyasan via Kyoto, and his belief incapturing photos with the eye, heart, and head truly embody his tagline
- "I turn negatives into positives."



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