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Retro Kolkata Exclusive : Interview with Award winning Portrait Photographer Joachim Bergauer

©Joachim Bergauer
The style is evolving. For me, the carrier was the darkroom. Later, I took over this workflow and transferred it to Photoshop. The continuity of photography is the key.

RK : Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We look forward to you. Let us jump into the past. What moved you to photography for the first time?

Joachim Bergauer :The beginning was that I took the camera of my father at the age of 12 years. It was all analog and I knew when it was green, I had the right exposure. After illegally stealing the camera and exposing the last 8 images, I knew it would be annoying. After a week my dad took the camera and it was like a tribunal. I was quoted in the living room. I knew the situation was stressful. He looked at me and held a few pictures in front of my face. Did you take the pictures. I confirmed. He replied. The photo salesman was very impressed by the pictures and would like to exhibit them in his display. I got from him a fee of 5 films. So my career started as a photographer .

©Joachim Bergauer

RK :Is it easy for you to take photos? Were you ever unsure of your talents?

Joachim Bergauer :The film inspired me and other photographers. At 18, I saw a reportage by Helmut Newton and I thought. I can do that too. Later, there were other photographers and one day I had no role models but only admiration for photographers who handled their creativity well. Uncertainties I had at the beginning of my career - not later .

©Joachim Bergauer

RK :What are your favorite genres of photography?

Joachim Bergauer :There is no favorite genre. I love photography as a whole. In the model photography much depends on the model. The better the more resonance. At the reportage it is the arrangement of the picture etc.

RK :How do black and white and color play a role in your work?

Joachim Bergauer :Very decisive. I'm from black and white photography. I learned the technique in the darkroom. It is more appropriate to enter into dialogue with people. You are asked to recognize the essential in the picture. We can compare it like this. Go to a good restaurant or to McDonalds . The color is sometimes the sodium glutamate and also emphasizes the artificiality such. b. with my esteemed colleague David La Chapelle .

©Joachim Bergauer

RK :What are you looking for when you have a camera in hand? What kind of camera, lenses and lighting devices do you use?

Joachim Bergauer :I am looking for the moment that enchants me. Sometimes it takes a long time for the moment and sometimes it is immediately there.

I take pictures with several systems. There are