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Exclusive Interview with Sana Chowdhary : Capturing Life's Vivid Canvas – Retro Kolkata Magazine

In the vibrant city of Jaipur, amidst its rich cultural tapestry, a visionary artist harnesses the colorful energy to etch precious moments in time through her lens. Sana Chowdhary, a seasoned portrait and wedding photographer, captures the essence of human emotions and cultural vibrancy with a touch of dreamy realism. With a genuine smile and a keen eye, she navigates the dynamic realms of wedding and portrait photography, becoming a silent participant in the joyous moments she encapsulates. In this heartfelt conversation, Sana shares her journey, insights, and the luminous path ahead.

Exclusive Interview with Sana Chowdhary : Capturing Life's Vivid Canvas – Retro Kolkata Magazine

Retro Kolkata : Sana, you've beautifully captured human emotion and culture through your portrait and wedding photography. Could you share with us how your journey began in this field?

Sana : Thank you for your kind words. I’ve always been an observer and a creative person. From an early age, I found joy in observing people and their expressions. This innate curiosity led me to pick up a camera and start capturing those fleeting moments that make us human. I used to click pictures earlier in school with my Sony phone and then with a Sony digicam, it was later in life when I got sick and realisations were made about what’s important in life and what I want to pursue thereafter, that I took the call to pursue photography as a career.

Retro Kolkata : Your photographs have a distinct artistic style and feel. How did you cultivate your unique approach to photography, and how would you describe it?

Sana : I’ve been told my pictures feel dreamy and sublime, I think that’s the best way to describe my style. You just let your natural instinct and creative eye guide you and after lots of trials and errors you’ll discover your own unique style.

Exclusive Interview with Sana Chowdhary : Capturing Life's Vivid Canvas – Retro Kolkata Magazine

Retro Kolkata : Weddings are such personal, emotional events. How do you navigate the fine line between being an observer and a participant in these moments to capture the perfect shots?

Sana : My style of capturing weddings is being discreet and to let the moment happen naturally and capture it from the sidelines. I joke about channelling Mr. India during weddings so I can capture natural emotions on peoples faces. Also, being a highly observant person and an introvert has helped me tremendously in always being alert to what’s happening around me.

Exclusive Interview with Sana Chowdhary : Capturing Life's Vivid Canvas – Retro Kolkata Magazine

Retro Kolkata : Portrait photography is deeply personal and can require the subject to reveal their true self. How do you build a rapport with your subjects and make them comfortable in front of your lens?

Sana : Yes, it’s deeply personal and that is why it’s so important for your client to feel comfortable in your presence to get good natural shots. I like to believe I have a warm comfortable energy, it’s quite simple. you need to build a rapport with your client and be your own natural self and always be around them with a smile because getting pictures clicked is not a normal state of being, a lot clients get conscious or nervous before their shoot. you have to go the extra mile to address all their concerns and answer them with a big smile which really calms them down.

Exclusive Interview with Sana Chowdhary : Capturing Life's Vivid Canvas – Retro Kolkata Magazine

Retro Kolkata : Can you share one of your most memorable experiences while capturing a wedding? What made it so special?

Sana : Weddings are fun to capture but also super tiring. At one particular summer wedding, the father of the bride was offering water to all his relatives and he noticed how exhausted the photographers were and forced us to have water to avoid a heatstroke. It’s these small moments that leave a lasting impression on you and I was so touched by this gesture.

Retro Kolkata : You are from Jaipur, a city known for its rich cultural heritage. How does the vibrant culture and history of the city influence your photography style?

Sana : As someone born and raised in Jaipur, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, the vibrant culture and history of my hometown have influenced my photography style. The vibrant energy of Jaipur's streets and the liveliness of its festivals have taught me to seek out candid moments and capture the essence of the city. I aim to freeze moments in time, conveying the joy, colors, and celebrations that are an integral part of daily life here. The vibrant culture and history that surround me serve as a constant reminder of the beauty and richness that can be found in every frame I capture.

Retro Kolkata : How do you handle the technical challenges that come with shooting in different environments, especially in unpredictable wedding settings?

Sana : My approach to handling technical challenges in different environments, especially in unpredictable wedding settings, involves thorough preparation, adaptability, technical expertise, effective communication, shooting in RAW format, and continuous learning. By employing these strategies, I strive to deliver exceptional wedding photographs that capture the beautiful and candid moments of the couple’s special day.

Retro Kolkata : With the rise of digital media and everyone having a camera in their pocket, how do you feel the landscape of professional photography has evolved over the years?

Sana : The rise of digital media and the accessibility of cameras have undoubtedly transformed the landscape of professional photography. While it has increased competition and requires photographers to adapt to the changing demands of the industry, it has also opened up new opportunities, expanded creative possibilities, and highlighted the importance of professional expertise in capturing and delivering exceptional visual content.

Exclusive Interview with Sana Chowdhary : Capturing Life's Vivid Canvas – Retro Kolkata Magazine

Retro Kolkata : What advice would you give to aspiring photographers who are looking to carve out a niche in portrait and wedding photography?

Sana : For aspiring photographers looking to specialize in portrait and wedding photography, here are some key tips. Develop strong technical skills, find a unique style, study the work of established photographers, and practice regularly. Build a solid portfolio, network with industry professionals, and prioritize exceptional client experiences. Invest in quality equipment, stay updated with industry trends, and be patient and persistent in pursuing your niche. With dedication and continuous learning, you can carve out a successful career in portrait and wedding photography.

Exclusive Interview with Sana Chowdhary : Capturing Life's Vivid Canvas – Retro Kolkata Magazine

Retro Kolkata : Looking ahead, what are some of the projects or ideas that you are excited about? What can we expect to see from Sana Chowdhary's lens in the future?

Sana : As a photographer, I am always excited about exploring new projects and ideas. I am also planning to collaborate with talented artists and creatives from different fields to create visually stunning and conceptually rich photo series. Ultimately, you can expect to see a blend of creative storytelling and thought-provoking imagery from my lens.

With an indomitable spirit and a profound understanding of her craft, Sana Chowdhary has gracefully carved out a niche in the photography industry. Her deep-seated passion for capturing the human essence and the vibrant hues of cultural festivities sets her work apart, presenting a delightful kaleidoscope of life's precious moments. As we keenly anticipate more visually stunning and evocative narratives from Sana's lens, she continues to blaze a trail, inspiring aspiring photographers to pursue their passion with dedication and a genuine smile. Keep an eye out for more vibrant stories captured through Sana Chowdhary's visionary lens, where each frame is a celebration of life and a testament to her extraordinary journey.

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