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Interview with Anthology, Symphonic Metal Band from Slovakia : Retro Kolkata Exclusive

© Anthology
Anthology is a symphonic metal band from Slovakia. It was founded by guitarist Marián Gonda and ex-bass player Ján Kičín. They are classified by critics as symphonic and power metal. In year 2011 Anthology comes up with first EP called "Exitus". In 2014 they came up with album "The Prophecy". In 2014 they came up with album "The Prophecy". Under the mastering and mix has signed well-known Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween, Masterplan) Recording and production was taken by Vladimír Povala and mainly by Michal Jankuliak (EagleHeart). The album was breakthrough in comparison to the first album. Lineup on "The Prophecy" was: “The Prophecy” : Raylyn Shayde – vocal, Majo „Mathias“ Gonda – guitar, Miro „Morety“ Grman – guitar, Marek „Marc“ Štech – bass/ screamo, Martin „Maarty“ Solárik - keyboards a Peter „Pepo“ Pleva – drums. After the album was released, Anthology started to be known around the globe and achieves publicity not only in Slovakia but also in Japan, Denmark, Germany, Finland Canada, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, and in countries of Latin America. In December 2016 the band has released third studio album "Angel's Revenge". This album shows the band experimenting with lots of symphonic elements but also some more aggressive features with the addition of guest vocals provided by English death metal vocalist Connor Sanders.

Anthology Members :

· Ľubica Gavlasová (Raylyn Shayde) - vocal

· Martin Solárik – Keyboard

· Marián Gonda- guitar

· Martin Lofaj - guitar

· Miro Grman - bass guitar

· Peter Pleva- Drums

© Anthology

RK : First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation for an interview. Congratulations on completing more than a decade of musical journey. How does it feel to have been active for so long?

[Raylyn] : Thanks for the opportunity to have the interview.

It's great but at the same a very tough journey, especially here in Slovakia. Metal music isn't supported here as a mainstream/pop music. The opportunities to play in Slovakia are poor. We started to play more in Czech Republic than Slovakia. And our plan is to go further in Europe. We've worked very hard as a band every year and I must admit that despite all the difficulties it's truly awesome feeling. A lot of unforgettable concerts, a lot of new fans and friends around the band, a lot of beautiful places and also nice memories from the tour....

© Anthology

RK : Anthology has started their journey in 2008. Can you recall the moment when you thought you could be in this group together? How did you first meet each other? Has anything surprised you about it all so far?

[Raylyn] : The base form of the band has been created in year 2008. At the very beginning of Anthology there was MajoGonda with the assistance of former member – bass guitarist JánKičin. At the time, other members have started to join the band. It was quite easy to find each other because we live in a close community. Like most beginning bands we started to play cover songs. But in 2011 a first stable lineup has signed to birth of demo “Exitus” and contained these names: Alexandra Hírešová – vocal, MajoGonda – guitar, MiroGrman – guitar, JánKičin – bass, Martin Solárik – keyboards and Peter Pleva – drums.